Primary Functions:

The primary reason for the church to meet is to worship the Lord Jesus Christ. Everything we do
should come out of our worship of Christ. Motivation and Strength for ministry is the byproduct of worship. As worship leaders, we are tasked with leading our church's worship ministry toward these three all-important goals. These 3 goals can be summed up in 3 simple words: Lord, leader and laity ...

LORD. "Magnify the LORD." Any worship ministry worth its salt will first and foremost seek to magnify the Lord to the best of its ability. Therefore, we must prioritize developing quality worship services week in and week out.
Leader. David said, "0 magnify the Lord with me". The second purpose of worship ministry is found in the word, "me." "Me" represents those involved with the worship ministry, who are helping lead the times of praise during worship services.
Laity. "Let us exalt His name together'. Our job is to help our congregations worship God more deeply and consistently. David didn't want to be the only one experiencing true worship of our holy God, and neither should we.