Welcome to Stamford Baptist Church!

Stamford Baptist Church (SBC) is a diverse congregation of some 50-60 people (post-Covid), located in Stamford, CT. Our diversity is reflected in the racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic makeup of our congregation.

Our purpose statement is:

To live out Christ’s commandment to love God and one another, as we faithfully share His Good News with all others:

  • Every Believer walking in loving relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Every Believer in fellowship with one another
  • Every Believer growing in Christ
  • Every Believer meeting the needs of others
  • Every Believer sharing Jesus with others

Geographic Area: Stamford, CT is located in Fairfield County, about 30 miles from New York City. According to the 2020 Census, it is the second-largest city in the state of Connecticut (with a population of 135,470) and sixth-largest city in New England. It is the home of nine Fortune 500 Companies.

Governance and Leadership: SBC is aligned in fellowship with the Southern Baptist Convention and the Baptist Churches of New England (BCNE). We embrace “The Baptist Faith and Message 2000” as our formal doctrinal statement. We interpret the Biblical offices for the church as Pastors (Elders) and Deacons, with our Lord Jesus Christ as our Head. Our governance is congregational, with all major issues of the church decided by the congregation through votes at three regularly scheduled business meetings (or special meetings, if needed).

Weekly schedule: Our weekly services include Sunday School (for all ages) at 9:45 am followed by our Worship Service at 11:00 am. A Midweek Service (i.e. for Praise and Worship, Prayer, Bible Study, and Fellowship) is held each Wednesday evening from 6:30-7:30 p.m. 

Church Life: In addition to Sunday and Wednesday services, Stamford Baptist Church offers:

  • AWANA Club (3 years old - 8th grade) September - May, every Thursdays from 6:30 - 8:15 pm
  • American Heritage Girls Club (ages 5-18 years old) September-June every other Friday from 6:00-7:30 pm
  • Men’s Devotional Fellowship (the first, third and fifth Sundays, 8:00-9:00 am)
  • Women’s Bible Study Ministries (periodically during each year)
  • Women’s Open Prayer Line (each Saturday 9:30-10:30 am)
  • Active Missions Support (13.5% of our annual budget) – global, national, regional and local (including direct personal ministry to the United Nations Ambassadors from 193 nations)
  • Special Seasonal Community Outreach (e.g. Easter and Christmas)

In 1769, the Rev. John Gano, Pastor of the First Church of New York City and an area “circuit rider,” travelled to the (then) remote village of Stamford to conduct one of many religious services, which were repeated at intervals during subsequent years. Stamford Baptist Church was first organized by Gano in 1773 and located on (what is now) Westover Road. In 1790, the church moved downtown to Broad Street in Stamford. Then, in 1955, a new parcel of land (3.5 acres) was purchased on High Ridge Road and is the current location of SBC and our church parsonage.

As an interesting historical note, in 1776, General George Washington selected Rev. Gano to be the Chaplain of the Continental Army. Subsequently, General Washington himself was baptized by Rev. Gano in the Potomac River.